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Yaa Pono advises Kwaku Manu and Kojo Nkansah to stop “beefing”



Diehard fans of the Kumawood are aware of the current “heat” and instability in the movie industry due to the current misunderstanding between the leading and most popular leading actors in the industry, Kwaku Manu and Kojo Nkansah popularly known as LIl Wanye.

Kojo Nkansa L, Kwaku Manu R


There are a lot of different stories as to how all this “beefing” begun between our most cherished Kumawood actors who have really entertained us a lot in Ghana.

When they play roles together

The best pair in the industry

“Uptown Energy” boss, Yaa Pono used his newly released song entitled “Eno Easy” featuring Otopey to advise the young actors. Yaa Pono included a line in his chorus in Twi Language, telling the two beefing actors to put aside their differences and come together, which was repeated serveral times in the song.

A good move i think from the “Uptown Energy ” boss. Kojo Nkansah and Kwaku Manu we love we want you come back together please.

Do you think they would be better off if they re-unite?





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