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About GHmediaHut

GHmediaHut is an online news publication, dedicated to providing truthful, honest, and genuine news report alongside with entertainment videos, and exciting reviews on pressing issue.
This is the home of Ghana media where you can get all the daily entertainment news, lifestyle, business, articles, technology, education, sports, local news, international news, magazine, photography, events and the all trending news around the world.
Welcome to the HUT of GH media, where we serve you with juicy news and information all around the world. If you think entertainment, just walk into our hut, sit, relax and let us serve you. So why go hungry? When GH media Hut is ready to serve you?
GHmediaHut reaches over thousands of authentic news lovers like you and is about spreading its wings across the nation and beyond. We have strong presence across multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest.
Our Mission is to create a conducive environment to harmonized community through our contents, and develop peaceful relationship between humanity and media.

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