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Video: Lord Kenya seen cheering his church members up with his old school vibes.



Lord Kenya

Ghanaian Rapper cum pastor has been seen cheering his congregation up with his old school vibes.

According to reports, the Man of Ghana was spotted in his church cheering his members with his old songs and we are like ahh like seriously??

The rapper now priest is celebrating his 7 years serving God. A couple of years ago the rapper came out and proclaim that the Holy Spirit is gearing him towards a path of salvation and God want him to serve him and win souls for him.

As part of his 7 years celebration, the refurbished Christian has invited popular numerous Man of God to join him in the celebration.

The born-again Christian told the Graphic Showbiz that he has no regret turning his life back to salivations.

I have no regret all, even when I was at the other side I had no regrets how much more now that I have the opportunity to preach. It is because of my past that people listen to me so I have become a blessing to them and have a no regrets whatsoever.





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