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Top Habits That Kill Social Media Conversations.



We all have that one friend who we find boring to talk on social media. Well here are a few habits we need to stop in our daily social media conversations to improve communication amongst ourselves.

1. Shorthand

We all have that friend who has a shortened version of every word.  This makes conversations with them really boring and difficult to understand. Another disadvantage of shorthand is that they slowly decrease our spelling and grammar abilities making messages difficult to be read and understood. Normal abbreviations do not fall under this.

2. Late reply

Even letter writing has improved nowadays.  Letters are delivered as fast as possible. Social media users, therefore, must also learn to reply to messages as fast as possible in order not to kill the “vibe” in conversations. Late replies simply show a lack of interest in the particular conversation.

3. Being passive

A lot of people are always passive during conversations, replying mostly with short words. They always sit back for the other person to bring up topics or lead discussions.

For example.

A- how are you ?  B- fine.( without asking A how he is also doing) lacking such a simple conversational ethic ruins everything and people may not be interested in talking to you.

Well here are few I can talk about for now. For some reasons, if you feel a lot of people are cutting off conversations with you, check for these habits above and stop them in order to have fruitful communication on social media.




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