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Stereotypes We All Had Before University



Do you remember as a High School student how you couldn’t wait to enter University because you thought it would permit you to do a lot of things on  your own?  We all had such feelings before Uni.  Here are the top stereotypes high school students have about University.

1. Freedom

We all thought there was limitless freedom in the University.  Move around, go to bed whenever you want,  skip classes, until early morning quizzes, I.A’s, mid-Sems and End of Sems kept us all awake all night.

2. “More Girls”

The first thing that popped up into our minds was “girls”. A lot of High School students also think the same.  But the truth is that it’s more of an unbalanced equation where your “fine” friend can date three or four girls at a time whilst you also struggle to even say “Hello” to a random girl on campus.

3. Free Internet

So I refused to buy airtime on the night before going to the Uni because I heard there is Wi-Fi. Only to get there and realize thousands of people trying to access the poor network making it work at a crawling speed.

You see now, lol. We have all learned something about how real Uni life is about. Feel free to share yours with us in the comment box below.









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