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Microsoft has finally killed Windows phone Brand



Microsoft has unleashed popular smartphones over the years, and they come in different models and design and running on Microsoft’s own Windows Phone OS instead of the popular operative systems like Android and iOS. The tech giant has finally released a statement that they will stop manufacturing the windows phone brand as CNET reported first, the leader of Microsoft’s Windows section announced that Windows Phone is dead.

It seems Microsoft will still support the platform. They will send security updates to users who are already using the Phone and fixes some issues for them. So this is not like Microsoft will stop supporting the platform. This is according to Joe Belfiore.

He said that there’s no way to solve Microsoft’s app problems. Companies and developers simply don’t want to work on Windows Phone apps because most of them probably never cared in the first place.

Microsoft is finally giving up. This isn’t the first time Microsoft is trying to kill the Brand.





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