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Have you ever wondered why your life is not as fun as someone’s? Have you ever hated what you were studying in school? Have you been jealous of someone’s relationship, just because they post cute pictures on social media? Have you had the thoughts of having a boring life?

We have all been there, even if you are a happy-go-lucky person. We have had that moment when we feel, our lives are not worthwhile. Funnily enough, we are told to be happy always.

But how do we make ourselves happy?

Below are some ways to spark your inner happiness.

Write a Gratitude List

Writing a gratitude list frequently will help you to be thankful in everything that you have and have not realized. Be grateful for your family, friends, loved ones and everything positive and good. Even little things like sleeping soundly, the food you get to eat in a day is a blessing. Some people do not have the means to get food to eat. Be grateful for the little you have.

Stay Humble

It is said that life is a learning process. Let all the moments you go through keep you humble. They might be a lesson to you in this life. This even teaches you to be more grateful and be thoughtful of others you might be in the same situations you.

Get Rid of Jealousy

You see someone living a comfortable life, and you envy them. We all move through life at our own pace. Your friends have started earning money and you are jobless? That’s okay. You see your friends wearing cool outfits on social media. Do not pay attention to those updates and pictures. Some might be fake or borrowed. Just keep trying. Do not let other people’s success weigh you down. Your moment of shine would come.

Do What You Love Best

Do you love reading? Read more books. Does teaching children make you happy? Volunteer to teach children after school. Do you love to write? Let the world hear your voice. Maybe, you are passionate about organic food. Start a garden at your backyard. Do whatever makes you happy. You could sing, dance or paint. It will help you spark your inner happiness.

Never give up. You will get there, trust me!





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