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How to Keep your blind date going



So he/she probably made a slide into your Facebook messenger, or sent you a DM on twitter or Instagram or what’s more, sent you a pm on WhatsApp out of a group. Cool, right? Yeah, but not always. Some can just be as annoying as pop-up ads, always showing up with irrelevant text messages all the time. Others on the other hand can be the ones you wouldn’t like to break the chain of conversation with, I mean right from good morning to goodnight haha. Now let’s talk about the latter. The moment you realize your interest has taken a significant effect in your daily “convos”, you can’t help but call it a date. You itch to know him/her more, even the unnecessary details count now.

Hold on! To get this sweet confab moving and looking forward to a successful date, you must do the following.

  1. Ask yourself this honest question

Are you playing along because you are running away from something or because you want to jump into something? If you are playing along because you are probably trying to forget the memories of a bad relationship, I’ll urge you on. This date might just be your comfortable resort. However, if you are trying to jump into something you have no idea of especially when you already have a smooth relationship elsewhere then quit it! Yeah, quit the daily chats immediately before you found yourself saying “Had I known is always at last”.

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  1. Be honest and frank

The last and most embarrassing thing you should avoid experiencing in a blind date is your partner getting to know you indeed “blinded” him/her concerning your personality. Is like taking off your heavy makeup at the end of the day, looking in the mirror and realizing OMG! Huuh!. You don’t have to live in a castle and ride unicorns before your blind date knows you are also someone. In short, do not tell lies! Be you. Don’t be influenced by your chats and start blowing your horns to him/ her.

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  1. Keep constant but necessary communication.

Yep! As the name suggests, “blind date” meaning the both of you have never had any form of physical contact. Yet you feel this tingly-ingly butterflies in your stomach whenever you see his/her text. You can swear you are in love and that’s what matters to you at the moment. Well, the major medium to get each other’s feelings moving on is when you get in touch all the time. I’m talking of an unbreakable, constant and mostly romantic type of communication. It shouldn’t however be too much because when it does, it starts to become a nuisance to your partner. Be sensual but calculated in your communication.

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Hope this helps a lot! 😉😉







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