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How Fenty Beauty Ended Kylie Cosmetics




Some weeks ago, Rihanna launched her makeup collection, Fenty Beauty and many people have come up with so many good reviews about it. Also, some reviews could not be done without comparing it to other known beauty products, like the famous Kylie Cosmetics. However, people have come up with how Fenty Beauty have ended Kylie Cosmetics, which I think is a very harsh thing to say…lolz xx.

Today, I will share some reasons why we think Fenty Beauty has ended Kylie Cosmetics.

  1. For Kylie Cosmetics, you can find it only online. Nobody’s got time to order something they haven’t tried to see if it’s the perfect shade for them. You can only purchase it through

But for Fenty Beauty, it is available in a store called Sephora. Even though, its availability is somewhat limited, you can go into the store to test products and find the right shade for your skin.

  1. Kylie Cosmetics has shades that are similar to only her skin tone. She even said it in her videos when she was launching it.

Fenty Beauty cares a lot about her customers and has produced all shades of different skin tones.


  1. Kylie Cosmetics has a lot of bad reviews such as the concealer being half full and the bad brush bristles falling out.

Fenty Beauty has good product use and most people are satisfied with the products.


What are your thoughts?

Do you think Fenty Beauty has ended Kylie Cosmetics? Even if you haven’t tried them yet, what are people saying?





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