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Half the World is Starving



I once stumbled upon this photo on Twitter (You can follow me if you want @MarieNoelGrant) and this photo spoke to me. It felt so real and so relatable. You will see so many [excuse me to say, skinny looking and sick looking] beings starving so hard, they have nothing to eat, nowhere to go to get a little food to eat.

There is this other part of the world population where some are trying hard to lose weight, and yet they have abundance of food at their disposal. They cannot do anything to lose weight. They eat, throw some away, play with it claiming they have no appetite. Yet, they are not healthy. They are obese. They have all manners of sicknesses and illnesses.

“I wish I had a body like hers oo,” one obese girl might say. “I am trying to be on a diet, but I just can’t control the way food enters my mouth.”

But the starving girl has to learn to control the way enters her mouth because if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to manage the little money she has, to buy food tonight.

“Eww…I don’t know how to eat konkonte oo. How do we eat such kind of food?” one guy might say. Unfortunately, there is another guy somewhere who would like to, at least, have such a meal to have something in his stomach to be able to work.

What a funny world. Some want but cannot have. Some have and even have choices.

Let’s be mindful of how we throw food away, how we waste food. There might be a family somewhere hoping to get a meal to have a sound sleep.

I read a poem by Francis Duggan online and I want to share it with you here. Read it slowly and try to ponder. Maybe, you can relate to it.

The Sobs of the Starving Children

We know about them from the radio and television and the hungry getting hungrier by the day

But we do not hear the sobs of the starving children from where we live they seem so far away

On the six o clock news at times we do see footage of hungry

children in a Land where poverty and disease is rife

And we feel a twinge of sadness that we cannot help them since we have got our own struggles in life.

Still the sobs of the hungry children are growing louder and

not all of them live in a far Country

And not all of them in the slums of the big city there’s such a thing as hidden poverty

The single mother raises her brood on welfare and she has to struggle for to make ends meet

And they survive on bread and tea and milk and cornflakes since she cannot afford to buy them meat.

Banks and corporations make billions in yearly profits and we read and hear of their financial gain

But they don’t help to feed the starving children and the growing scourge of poverty remain

A mile from where the billionaire lives there’s poverty and hunger yet of their plight he does not wish to know

Still for him to grow wealthier others must grow poorer and

life goes on as it did years ago.

To find want you don’t have that far to travel for poverty is everywhere and near

And though the starving children keep on sobbing louder their cries for food we do not seem to hear

And sad to say that those who talk and dream of an egalitarian society will never live to see their dreams come true

And in a World where there is want and hunger the majority of the World’s wealth still with the wealthy few.






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