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Facebook Messenger will allow you to retract messages after Mark Zuckerberg was caught doing it



It has been a rocky few weeks for Facebook. One of the biggest scandals in the Android world was when Facebook was caught messing with users’ private data. Read about the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Facebook’s problems. A recent report stated that Facebook had pulled back messages from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Messenger conversations.

“Unsending” a message is not a feature available to regular Facebook users.

To most people, this seemed like Facebook was using this unavailable feature to remove damaging evidence, but they are claiming they have been working on this feature for all users. Until the “Unsend” feature rolls out to everyone, Facebook says they won’t use it on any more of Zuckerberg’s messages.

Facebook does not have the trust of most people right now. “Announcing” the plans for a new feature after getting caught using it on the CEO doesn’t look good. Facebook did not give a timeframe of when to expect this feature to be available to all users.

Do you believe that Facebook Messenger was working on this feature and Mark Zuckerberg was essentially a “beta tester” for it?

Source: XDA Developers




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