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Common Breakfast Options in Ghana




In a country like Ghana, breakfast is a big deal. It’s a norm that you wake up, and immediately look for to breakfast. You’ll hear a lot of breakfast stories, like how a man can sandwich koose into a loaf of bread (Maybe, that’s the Ghanaian kind of hot dog).

Having breakfast is a common lifestyle in the country. One cannot go on without a mother’s breakfast which is specially made with love, or the sweet scented aroma of freshly baked bread in the morning, or the long queues we see at a food joint which tempts us to have a feel of the meal being sold.

Here are common breakfast meals that are eaten in Ghana.

The Porridge Group (Pease Porridge Hot)


Millet Porridge (Hausa Koko) with Koose

This is one of the most popular breakfast sold and eaten in Ghana. It is mostly sold than prepared at home. Most Ghanaians, especially workers and school children love to have it as breakfast. It goes best with koose, wet beans made into paste, which is turned into balls and fried in vegetable oil. Some people prefer to add groundnuts and milk to make it rich.

Maize Porridge with Bo Floats

Another kind of porridge people take as breakfast is the maize porridge, prepared with corn dough. It is one of the easiest porridge to cook at home. It is mostly with bo floats. Just like the millet porridge, sugar, groundnuts and milk can be added to make it rich.

Tom Brown with bread

Mostly done at home than sold. It is mostly eaten with bread. Just like the two porridges, milk, sugar and groundnuts can be added.

Rice Porridge.

Rice porridge, commonly known as rice water is cooled with rice, but this time, with more water till it becomes soft and eaten with the water. Just like the above porridges, milk, groundnuts and sugar to make it more delicious.

Outside the Porridge Family


Apart from porridge, waakye is the most popular breakfast sold and bought. Long queues are associated with waakye joints, most especially when it is delicious. Waakye is a meal of rice and cooked beans cooked together. It is mostly garnished with spaghetti, gari, salad, and either meat or fish. Hard boiled eggs can be used in place of the meat and fish.


Kenkey is the next most popular breakfast option. It is sold mostly everywhere. You have an option to buy it with fried fishes of various sizes, shrimps or any canned fish; like sardine or mackerel.

These and many other breakfast meals are options you can take from to make your day go on mostly.

What is your most favourite breakfast option? Is there any meal that you would like to eat for the rest of your mornings in your life?








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