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3 Serious Fashion Mistakes Students Do



Nowadays, we are so conscious of the way we dress and the way other people look. One place we can get culprits of fashion crime is on campus. Some schools in the world do not really care what you wear. No one cares whether you wear yellow wig to class or hot pants.

In Ghana, there is a code of conduct/discipline in schools, even in the tertiary institutions. The way we dress to class matters. Today, we are bringing you three serious fashion crimes students make.

  1. Wearing chale wote to class

Mind you, the class is not a place to try to seek comfort zone. Wearing chale wote to class is wrong. It makes you feel like you were just roaming in the neighbourhood, and you just decided to enter the class. Some of us are guilty of doing that sometimes but try as much as possible to avoid that.

  1. Wearing a no strap top/dress

You might not agree with me on this, but no strap clothes are mostly meant for attending events. Some no strap clothes expose most part your back and that might feel uncomfortable. You might ask, what about off shoulder clothes? For off shoulder clothes, it covers some part of your arm, but for no strap clothes, it literally leaves your arms and parts of your back uncovered.

  1. Wearing more than 3 colours

Some people sense of style and colour combination makes them look like a colourful unicorn. It is advisable, not to wear more than 3 bright colours as you dress.

What kind of fashion mistakes do you think students make?




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